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Thursday, December 3, 2009

  • Don't buy shrimp with loose shells, they are no longer fresh.
  • You would know if a shrimp is fresh when it is odorless, white, spotless and has no freezer burns.
  • To know the freshness of egg, dip it in water. If it sinks immediately , it is freshhhhhh
  • Putting lemon in hot water before squeezing will give you more juice.
  • Do not store potatoes and onions together. The potatoes will rot quicker.Instead, store potatoes together with a slice of ginger to keep them longer.
  • In order to remove the smell of onions, wash your hands with milk.
  • Another way of preventing crying while chopping onions is chewing gum while chopping.
  • To prevent sliced avocado from browning, rub a slice of lemon on it.
  • In choosing fish, choose those without odor. The fish should have bright and clear eyes, smooth and shiny scales and firm flesh.
  • Cream is actually a good source of vitamins A, B and C.
  • Soak onions in water for 5 minutes after peeling it and cutting it in half. This will prevent you from crying when you are slicing them.
  • Garlic is good for people with high blood pressure and those with kidney stones.
  • In buying apples, choose the ones without soft spots.
  • To remove the smell from your fridge, place chunks of charcoal inside it.
  • Make sure that you cook beans thoroughly because eating raw or undercooked ones is dangerous.
  • You can soften cream cheese either by immersing it in hot water or by putting it inside a plastic wrap and heating it in the microwave for around 25 seconds.
  • Removing stems of chilis before storing them will help keep them fresh for a longer span of time
  • To make peeled peppers last longer, pour a bit of oil on them before storing them in the fridge
 Will be update regularly... U can post your tips n i will include them with your name..


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