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Sesame Jaggery Balls

Monday, January 18, 2010

When i was kid, i used to go out with my grandpa in evenings jus for a walk.. He used to but my this Sesame Jaggery rounds.. I jus love them.. They used to be bit hard for me to take a bite of them. 
My mom makes this Sesame jaggery balls often n especially for sankranthi. Her version is little soft n i love them too.
I made this for pongal n being little bit busy, i cant post it right away.. 

In some places, they called this as  "Chimiri". Making of Sesame jaggery balls is so simple and al you need is jus two ingredients: Sesame seeds n Jaggery. 
Jaggery plays a key role when it comes to festive food. In most parts of the India, they use jaggery for making sweets/deserts that are supposed to offer to god or the sweets that are made in regard of celebrating festival.. Jaggery is also considered auspicious in many parts of India.. Jaggery has that purity n simplicity of goodness. 

So here is the recipe for Sesame Jaggery Balls:

Sesame Seeds:( white) 1 cup
Jaggery Powder: 1cup
Elachi Powder: 1 tsp

1) In a pan, dry roast sesame seeds n let them cool. 

2) Grind it into a coarse powder ans set aside.
3) Now, blend jaggery for 1 min in mixer.
4) Add powdered sesame seeds n Elachi powder. 
5) Press stir button for 30 secs.
6) Now take it into a container n mix it well.

7) Roll it into a lemon sized balls n press it to get a disc shape..

Enjoy this delicious sesame seeds balls as it is..

Tip: You can use this as a substitute for Dal-jaggery used to make Purnallu or bobbatlu/ poran  poli...

This is going to be a part of Priya's- Cooking with seeds Event.


Rachana Kothari January 19, 2010 at 4:12 AM  

The sweets look delicious. A perfect entry to the event:)

Priya January 19, 2010 at 2:39 PM  

Fantastic jaggery-sesame balls, looks fantastic Silpa..thanks for sending to CWS..

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