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How To Series: Making & Storing Chapathi Dough

Friday, January 8, 2010

am starting this " How to " Series, as we always do think how to make this ,how to make that.. We need so many ingredients in our daily cooking, n most of them can be pre-made to save our valuable time on busy days. I almost pre-make everything that i need in my daily cooking, believe it saves my lot of time. By doing this you wont lost any nutrients, in case you can save money n time..
Store bought frozen vegetables, powders n sauce may contain preservatives n extra added flavors. We can froze fresh vegetables at home, jus by following simple tips. 

So let start with our daily supper- Chapathi.

I make chapathi twice a day. Mixing flour n making dough daily is a big work. So i experimented first for 2 days by freezing n reusing it .. I was succeeded in doing so. Later i stored  up to 3 weeks, n still the dough is fresh.
Here is the tip to store dough for up to 3 weeks.
     Appx  Quantities:  For 4 cups of flour-  you need 11/2 - 2 cups of cold milk
1) Take wheat flour u needed (as it depends entirely on family, so i am not gvng you any measurements) sprinkle salt n mix with milk. Don't add any water( as milk is a good source of calcium, we can get it automatically). Mix with hand by pouring small amounts of milk. Mix it well to desired consistency, dnt mix it too hard or too tight

2) Take portion of dough  that u need for a day and wrap it in a plastic wrapper. Do the same thing for remaining dough.
 One wrapped dough makes 7 chapathi's
3) Keep them in a ziploc bag n freeze. 
 4) Before you use it, take it out and put in  fridge for 6hrs or more. You u can keep it out overnight. Use it immediately or  store in fridge for  2 days. If u forgot to keep it out n u want it imm, then put the chapathi dough wrapper in a plastic bag n immerse it  in hot water for 10-10 mins n both sides.
This chapathi is made from 31/2 weeks old dough.
You can check here on how to make smooth n soft chapathi that stays for longer period
Any tips will be accepted.


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