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A Sweet Sweet Disaster

Friday, November 20, 2009

Yesterday, it was so funny because my husband was so hungry that he mailed me from work to make something to eat. Normally, we wont eat any kind of snacks during weekdays. So, i thought of preparing his favorite dish " Bread Halwa" , a simple yet delicious dessert. I prepared all my stuff to make bread halwa. But suddenly a event flashed into my mind, its none other than  Srivalli's MEC Event , which is a big hit and made lots of other fellow bloggers to think creatively.
Srivalli's MEC Event is so lovely. So, one day i came across this event, when i was scrolling through food blogs. Most of my cooking goes in microwave, so i was very impressed with this event. When i was about to start making halwa, this Srivalli's MEC bread halwa, came into my mind n i ran imm to system n had a glance at the recipe. It was so easy that  jus in 3 steps,delicious bread  halwa is ready. So i opted the recipe n started making it.
Even if i bored you , i will ask you to take a tour exactly how i made this "Sweet  Sweet Disaster". Before, i would like to thank you for Srivalli for letting me to use her recipe n picture
So first here is the recipe  for Srivalli's "Bread Halwa":
 Cooking Time: 6 Mins
Bread Slices - 4
Ghee - 2 tsp
Sugar - 3 tsp
Milk - 1 cup
Nuts for garnishing.
1) Take 4 slices of Bread. Cut into small cubes. Spread on the mw dish. Top it with Ghee and put it for 1 mins.
2) Breads pieces are roasted by then. Add sugar on top with little milk. Put it for 3 mins. The bread slices become crispy with sugar melted.
3) Then add the remaining milk and put it for another 2 mins. The bread becomes soggy in the milk with crispy pieces in between.
4)  Roast Nuts in little ghee for 20 secs. and garnish on the bread halwa.

Now lets come to my recipe for "sweet sweet disaster":
First, i took the same ingredients as mentioned in recipe. 
At first, i did roasted the nuts( i used cashews, almonds, raisins )
Secondly, i cut the bread pieces into small pieces and then  arranged neatly on the mw dish.
 Topped  it with Ghee and cooked for 1 min.
Thirdly, i followed exactly as per recipe except that i added Elachi powder.
Now, i was waiting with a spoon for halwa to be cooled, so that i can quickly grab a spoon of it.  Its time to taste, but to my surprise, it was not that sweet n i dint like the color. So, i added some sugar n milk too. I cooked it for another 1 min. I was so cautious about sweetness, because he is really a good sweet eater, like if Vishnu's is for 2-3 tsp, mine is 1tsp. 
By this time i thought, sweetness, color n consistency would be perfect . But to my surprise, its not that sweet. I wondered wat's wrong with my sugar, n even i tasted the sugar. its okay. Then i again ran to my sys n i looked at Srivalli's recipe. She is perfect n i was thinking wat's happening to my bread halwa.
I was frustrated n decided to make it perfect. So i added another 3 tsps n 1tbsp milk and cooked for 2mins. 
Really god must be angry on me or some ghost must be playing with me. Its doesn't have any sweet taste n color is too odd.
Now i was very angry so i thought of adding some food color to halwa. I was supposed to add orange color n by mistake i ended up adding blue color.  
  Hello wats going on here. Wat the hell was wrong with me? Can u tell me???
Again i added a drop of  orange color, yellow color, vanilla essence and a pinch of custard powder with some sugar n milk.
This time, the  taste was very good but for looking it was Aweeeeeeeeeeee.
Now its time to serve this  sweet disaster sweet, but i sure he is not going to eat it. So i went to Vishnu with sad face, told him that i made  a terrible mistake. He was like wat---whta did u do--- did u  done any accident (once i went to wal mart n i parked near cart station, some one hit my bumper and gone away.  i don't  know whether its a car or cart, but a cart is there at my bumper).
I told him no its not that, its about sweet, i added some blue color instead of adding red color. He said its okay n i am on cloud 9. Huhuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
 So here is my "sweet sweet disaster" picture
That's all folks. This is my story about sweet sweet disaster. Hope i dint bored u.
I want to mention that i am not offending or blaming Srivalli, i jus want to share my failures too instead of jus sharing success.
Thank you Srivalli, for letting me to use your recipe.
 Thank you guys gor your patience.


my kitchen November 22, 2009 at 9:00 AM  

Simple & Tasty one.Looks delicious

my kitchen November 22, 2009 at 9:00 AM  

Simple & Tasty one.Looks delicious

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